Q: How does this work?

A: We meet, either on Skype or in person, and you tell me your story. What you are looking for from your music, what you want it to say about you and your life together. Decide what pieces you wish composed for you, and what instruments or sounds you wish them to contain. I send you a proposal based on what we've spoken about and once you sign off on it, I start the composing process. I may in the midst of it, contact you for feedback, or other notes, but in the end should have everything I need from our first consultation. Then, time alotted, I have the finished pieces to you 3 months prior to your wedding day!

Q: Why choose Music by Nate?

A: You will scarcely find the opportunity to have beautiful music written for you anywhere today. This is a unique opportunity. A chance to hand a musical heirloom down to your children and grandchildren. A chance to not just say, "Yeah, I used that song in my wedding", but instead, "This music was written for me for my wedding.

Q: Why not use traditional music of Wagner, Mendelson, Bach and Mozart?

A: The real answer to this lies in that these pieces were written for someone else, and used by countless others to try and express their love. I give the opportunity to have it expressed for you, as you have expressed it to me in telling your story.

Q: Do I get to keep the music?

A: The music is yours, written for you, and will always be yours.

Q: What if I want to hire musicians?

A: Though most musicians have a set list of pieces they play, many are very excited about the opportunity to play new music, and sheet music will be provided to you 3 months before your wedding, time permitting.

Q: What if I don't have musicians?

A: A high quality CD is always provided. The music is notated, in the end, using Sibelius 6 (7 soon) and uses the sound samplings of Garritan Personal Orchestra 4 and  Big band and Jazz 3 to give you the most "live" sound to your music possible. All three have been used on many movie soundtracks.

Q: I have a poem I wrote for my significant other, can you use it to write a song?

A: Absolutely. I have written musical as well as pop tunes, and am well versed in taking others' lyrics and ideas and putting them to music.

Q: What if someone else wants to use my music after to wedding?

A: You are in charge of that. This is your music, I retain the right to use it as a promotional tool, but anything else will have to seek your permission to do so.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: Prices for Solo or Duet instruments start as low as $300 for individual songs, and start at $1600 for a full 6 song wedding.

Q: I don't live in the Chicagoland area, can you still compose the music for my wedding?

A: Absolutely. I am able to work with you, no matter where in the US, or world, that  you may live.

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