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Megan Rufael said:   January 7, 2011 1:56 pm PST
I think most couples work hard to try to find the lovely and meaningful details that will make their wedding extra special and unique to them. Things that will they will remember and cherish long after the day has passed. When Nate offered to write the processional and recessional for our wedding I was beyond thrilled. And once he was finished and I heard the music I couldn't wait to hear it at my wedding. The day goes by in a blur but that music stands out to me as such a special part of the day. No one had heard it before. It was plainly and simply, our wedding music. Now every time we watch the video of our wedding or if I'm just listening to my classical play list and it comes on, it takes me back to that day like nothing else does. The music was and is truly beautiful and it will live forever and a wonderful symbol of such a special day. Thank you so much Nate!

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